Internship for march-august 2022

The Computer Science Department of École polytechnique (France) is looking for research teams willing to host first year master students for a research internship this summer. The internship should last four to five months starting in April.

Founded in 1794 and known as the school of Cauchy and Poincaré, the École polytechnique is a state supported institution of higher education and research. It is is considered the most prestigious engineering school in France.

The students have been exposed to basic courses in first two years ( year 1, year 2 ) on programming languages and algorithms and some more advanced courses in year 3 on architecture, compilation, operating systems, complexity, automata theory, data bases, cryptology, computational geometry, image processing, networks, distibuted computation, logic, combinatorics...

Among the 500 students of the school, around 60 decide to do their internship in Computer Science.

If you are interested in hosting one of our students for such an internship, we would be grateful that you upload a one page proposal, if possible in postscript or pdf (txt and doc are also possible) .

For more information, you can contact anyone in the computer science department in particular Olivier Bournez, Luca Castelli-Aleardi, Julien Cervelle, Philippe Chassignet, Thomas Clausen, Albert Cohen, Walid Dabbous, Gilles Dowek, Eric Goubault, Philippe Jacquet, Renaud Keriven, Daniel Krob, Leo Liberti, Frederic Magniez, David Monniaux, Francois Morain, Frank Nielsen, Francois Pottier, Dominique Rossin, Gilles Schaeffer, Jean-Marc Steyaert, Olivier Temam, ou Benjamin Werner.

Model of proposal:
. Title
. Lab, institution and University
. City and country
. Team or project in the lab
. Name and mail of the advisor
. Position of the advisor
. Name and mail of the head of the department
. General presentation of the topic (roughly 5 to 10 lines)
. Objective of the internship (roughly 10 to 20 lines)
. Bibliography
. Special material used (if any).
. Expected ability of the student