INF574 Digital Representation and Analysis of Shapes (2019/20)

Luca Castelli Aleardi and Maks Ovsjanikov

Practical Sessions (TD)

Course Description

This course will introduce the fundamental concepts for creating and analyzing shapes on the computer. We will start with generating and representing smooth curves in 2d using parametric and implicit (e.g. Bézier) curves. We will then move to various techniques for shape representation in 3d with special emphasis on triangle meshes and associated methods. At the same time, we will introduce methods for shape analysis and in particular defining and computing similarity between shapes, and shape matching (establishing correspondences between points on shapes). Topics will include:




Tuesdays at 14h00-16h00 in Amphi Lagarrigue.
Practical Sessions (TD):
Tuesdays at 16h15-18h10 in Salle Info no 31 and 35.
Important: If possible, bring your laptop with you for TD sessions, starting from the first session (September 17th 2019).


Practical Sessions (TD): 20%
Quizzes: 30%
Final Project: 50%

Late Policy


There are no lecture notes for this course (yet). However, a number of excellent sources exist for most of the material that will be covered.

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