Standard library header <thread>

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This header is part of the thread support library.



manages a separate thread


specializes the std::swap algorithm
(function template)
compares two thread::id objects
serializes a thread::id object
(function template)
specializes std::hash
(class template specialization)


this_thread provide functions that access current the thread of execution
Defined in namespace std::this_thread
suggests that the implementation reschedule execution of threads
returns the thread id of the current thread
stops the execution of the current thread for a specified time duration
stops the execution of the current thread until a specified time point

[edit] Synopsis

namespace std {
    class thread;
    void swap(thread& x, thread& y) noexcept;
    bool operator==(thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept;
    bool operator!=(thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept;
    bool operator<(thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept;
    bool operator<=(thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept;
    bool operator>(thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept;
    bool operator>=(thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept;
    template<class CharT, class Traits>
    basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>& operator<<(basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>& out,
                                            thread::id id);
    template <class T> struct hash;
    template <> struct hash<thread::id>;
    namespace this_thread {
        thread::id get_id() noexcept;
        void yield() noexcept;
        template <class Clock, class Duration>
            void sleep_until(const chrono::time_point<Clock, Duration>& abs_time);
        template <class Rep, class Period>
            void sleep_for(const chrono::duration<Rep, Period>& rel_time);

[edit] Class std::thread

class thread {
    // types:
    class id;
    typedef /*implementation-defined*/ native_handle_type;
    // construct/copy/destroy:
    thread() noexcept;
    template <class F, class ...Args> explicit thread(F&& f, Args&&... args);
    thread(const thread&) = delete;
    thread(thread&&) noexcept;
    thread& operator=(const thread&) = delete;
    thread& operator=(thread&&) noexcept;
    // members:
    void swap(thread&) noexcept;
    bool joinable() const noexcept;
    void join();
    void detach();
    id get_id() const noexcept;
    native_handle_type native_handle();
    // static members:
    static unsigned hardware_concurrency() noexcept;

[edit] Class std::thread::id

class thread::id {
    id() noexcept;