INF 553: Bases de Donnees - Data Bases


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Version: 1.0

Course Syllabus and Schedule

  • Data Bases - Introduction Database-System Applications, Database Languages, Relational Databases, Database Design, Object-Based and Semi-structured, Databases, Data Storage and Querying, Transaction Management, Data Mining and Analysis, Database Architecture, Database Users and Administrators
  • Relational Model : Fundamental Relational-Algebra, Operations, Null Values, Modification of the Database.
  • SQL: Data Definition, Basic Structure of SQL Queries, Set Operations, Aggregate Functions, Null Values, Nested Subqueries, Complex Queries, Views, Modification of the Database, Joined Relations, Integrity Constraints, Embedded SQL , Recursive Queries.
  • Database Design: Constraints, Weak Entity Sets, Extended E-R Features, Reduction to Relational Schemas, Unified Modeling Language elements
  • Indexing and Hashing: Ordered Indices, B+-Tree Index Files, B-Tree Index Files, Multiple-Key Access, Static Hashing, Dynamic Hashing, Index Definition in SQL.
  • Query Processing & Optimization Measures of Query Cost, Selection Operation, Sorting Join Operation, Other Operations, Transformation of Relational Expressions, Estimating Statistics of Expression Results, Choice of Evaluation Plans
  • Advanced web data base interfaces: Architectural design, PHP, MYSQL, Apache, Paging, Form Validation, user authentication, content management systems
  • Advanced data base topics:
    • Text mining: representation, indexing, retrieval
    • Dimensionality reduction(Matrix Decomposition Techniques - SVD, PCA, LSI).
    • Ranking documents and web pages (Pagerank, extensions)
    • Big Data: Hadoop, Hive QL, Distributed data

Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Bussiness Intelligence