Research internships in Computer Science
for master student and students of Ecole Polytechnique (promotion X2013)

Presentation of internships: 8 Septembre 2015.


Contact: Olivier Bournez


The computer science option INF591 extends over a large domain covering from theoretical questions to industrial applications, but always with a strong scientific or technological composant.

The proposed internships, are the result of a wide call for proposal to best research centers at the international level, both in academic and industrial research centers. They help to realize that the most innovating developpments, in particular in the industrial world, are based on a solid corpus of theoretical knowledge, and not on the routine use of commercial tools. They also prove the complexity, never reached in the past, of today's computer systems.

Students decided to do a career in research will find a wat to confirm their vocation for a particular domain, and to discover the life of research laboratories. Other students will become more familiar with the world of research and innovation, that all of them will meet in their future career. This will also be the opportunity to choose later on to do a PhD, the reference diploma at the international level.

It is highly recommended that you followed several courses in the computer science department to do an internship managed by the computer science department.

The catalog of internship proposals received for year 2015-16 :

Other suggestions:

Internship reports of past years:

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A list extracted of the list of internships of previous years can be found below.

Teachers & Expertises

All the teachers of the department, each in her or his own speciality, can help students in their choice and orient them to best teams.

Non-exhaustive list:

- Marie Albenque (combinatorics, algorithmics)
- Kégl Balàzs (data)
- Karhikeyan Bhargavan (proof, cryptography)
- Olivier Bournez (algorithmics, complexity) -
- Julie Bernauer (bioinformatics) - bernauer[at]
- Luca Castelli-Aleardi (algorithmics, geometry, graphs) - amturing[at]
- Julien Cervelle (algorithmics, computational models, complexity) - julien.cervelle[at]
- Philippe Chassignet (bioinformatics, computer graphics) -
- Kaustuv Chaudhuri (proof) -
- Thomas Clausen (networks) -
- Albert Cohen (compilation, architecture) - Albert.Cohen[at]
- Alain Couvreur (cryptology, codes)
- Claudia D'Ambrosio (operational research)
- Benjamin Doerr (algorithmics, randomized algorithmics, evolutionary
algorithmics, epidemic algorithms) -
- Jean-Christophe Filliâtre (formal methods, programming, languages) - Jean-Christophe.Filliatre[at]
- Eric Fusy (combinatorics)
- Eric Goubault (distributed algorithmics) - eric.goubault[at]
- Emmanuel Haucourt (proof)
- Philippe Jacquet (networks) - jacquet[at]
- Renaud Keriven (vision, computer graphics) - keriven[at]
- Daniel Krob (algorithmics, automata theory, complex systems) dk[at]
- Stéphane Lengrand (proof, formal methods, verification stephane.lengrand[at]
- Léo Liberti (optimization, operational research) - liberti[at]
- Frédéric Magniez (algorithmics, complexity, quantum computing) -
- Samuel Mimram (logic, proof)
- David Monniaux (proof, verification, logic) - David.Monniaux[at]
- Francois Morain (cryptology, security, arithmetic) -
- Frank Nielsen (computer graphics, data)
- Steve Oudot (computer graphics, data)
- Maks Ovsjanikov (computer graphics) - Maks[at]
- Vincent Pilaud (combinatorics, geometry)
- François Pottier (languages based on objects, security) -
- Sylvie Putot (proof, verification)
- Antoine Rauzy (verification, logic, proof, complex systems) antoine.rauzy[at]
- Stéphane Redon (computer graphics)
- Xavier Rival (proofs)
- Dario Rossi (networks) 
- Dominique Rossin (algorithmics, combinatorics) -
- Bruno Salvy (computer algebra, analysis of algorithms, combinatorics) -
- David Savourey (operational research)
- Olivier Serre (algorithmics, logic)
- Gilles Schaeffer (algorithmic, combinatorics) -
- Benjamin Smith (cryptology, security, arithmetic) - benjamin.smith[at]
- Jean-Marc Steyaert (algorithmic, bio-informatics) -
- Jean-Pierre Tillich (cryptology)
- Marc Townsley (networks)
- Michalis Vazirgiannis (data & web mining) - mvazirg[at]
- Benjamin Werner (proof, logic, safety) - werner[at]
However, the proposition of internship must be validated, in fine, by the person responsible of internships Olivier Bournez,

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