TD 7 - Graph drawing and network visualization


The goal of this exercice session is to implement three algorithms for computing graph layouts.

Before starting to code

  • You can download here a few examples of meshes (OFF format) and networks (MTX formats) for testing your code.
  • Download the following classes (to be completed and for testing):
  • Download the required Java libraries: Jcg.jar, TC.jar, core.jar (Processing library, v 1.51),
  • Here is the Javadoc for TD7 (you can find the Javadoc of the Jcg library on the Moodle webpage of INF562)
In order to test your code, you can run (as Java application) the classes MeshParameterization and SpringDrawing which provides methods for rendering the original mesh and computing the corresponding 2D and 3D layouts.

1. Planar Parameterization

The pictures below show the planar parameterization of the sphere (162 vertives) and horse (20k vertices) meshes.


Tasks: The goal of this exercice is to implement the iterative computation of the Tutte's barycentric embedding
By default, we set as outer face an arbitarty triangle face 0 (e.g. having index 10): the k vertices belonging to the outer face are classified as boundary vertices, while all remaining n-k vertices are called inner vertices.

2. Force-directed layouts of network:

Implement the force-directed paradigm illustrated in the lecture in order to compute a 2D layout of the input network